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Entertainment in Arbatax - Sardinia

Sardinia is an island located in the Mediterranean that belongs to Italy. Over the years it has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, and more and more travellers are deciding to visit it and revel in the beauty of its landscapes, its culture and its excellent gastronomy. Its capital is Cagliari, which also stands as the largest city on the island and the place where most cruise ships and flights from different parts of the world arrive.

If there is one thing for which Sardinia stands out, and the reason why so many people want to visit it at least once in their lives, it's because of its white sand or rocky beaches and crystal clear waters whose turquoise colour is almost unreal, making anyone who visits fall head over heels in love.


Simple but delicious

That's how you'd describe Sardinian cuisine. It's well known that many people love Italian food, such as pasta or pizza, but what is found on this island are real delicacies. In Sardinia the food is cooked in a traditional way, over a slow fire, using fresh farm products and preparing homemade dishes with a lot of love and affection.


Unforgettable experiences

Sardinia is an island where nearly a thousand religious and secular festivals are celebrated every year, such as the festival of Sant'Efisio in Cagliari or the Faradda de li candeleria in Sassari. However, if there is one festival that stands out that isn't related to religion, it's the carnivals. This celebration opens with the "festa dei fuochi", better known as the bonfire festival of Saint Anthony the Great, on 17th January.

Famous beaches

The perfect retreat

Sardinia is an island that stands out, among other things, for its beautiful beaches and coves. In the north, for example, you can find the Spiaggia Rose, better known as the pink beach of Sardinia and it is one of the most spectacular on the island. Another of the most common, this time located in the south, is Colostrai beach with its crystal clear waters and its wide stretch of white sand, ideal for your days off.

Blue Zone

Did you know that Sardinia is a Blue Zone?

According to Gianni Pes, who has a PhD in Medical Statistics, and Dan Beuttner, a researcher and journalist for National Geographic, there are so-called Blue Zones that exist in the world which they have been studying for years. But what are they? They are places in the world where more people than normal live much longer than average, that is, where there are the highest concentrations of individuals over 100 years old. There are five Blue Zones in the world and Sardinia is one of them.

Their inhabitants share some characteristics such as getting around on foot or by bicycle, eating a healthy diet lacking in trans fats and with a high presence of fruits and vegetables, or staying mentally active.